Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Preschooler Playtime (or How to Stay Sane w/ a 3-yr-old & a Newborn)

Before our second child ("Mookie") was born I decided to stock up on some quiet projects for "Hootie" to be able to do w/o me while I was nursing (or "thinking" on the couch...very quietly...with my eyes closed).

So I found these two projects on a couple of awesome blogs and went to work. They are super-easy and we've had a lot of fun with them. 

These cute alphabet letters are from Happy Together. Check out the tutorial HERE.

 I also made these number beanbags. We've used them a lot for our "school time." There are SO many activities you can do with bean bags (most of which are fairly non-violent).
These are from "a pretty cool life." Tutorial HERE.

Then I made a couple of quick drawstring bags to keep them in.


These would make great birthday presents, or even something fun for an older sibling when their little brother or sister is born. A quiet activity is invaluable during those early weeks.
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  1. I love it, now to find time to make them! :)

  2. Everything is so pretty and bright! No wonder they are enjoyed :)

  3. I LOVE those letters! I know you said they were super easy, but I am just a novice at the whole sewing thing. I hope to learn and get better, though. I know my kids would love the letters, too. :)