Monday, January 31, 2011

Donor Info & Giveaway Winner

At the bottom of this post I will announce the winner of the fabric note cards giveaway, but first I wanted to post a message to those who are interested in making and donating items to the Radical Crafts shop (or those who might not be interested yet, but hopefully soon will be!).

In the next week or two we'll be making the switch over to Etsy for the shop and I'd love to pack the shop with a wide variety of stuff from YOU!

For those who are interested (or maybe know someone else who might be) there are just a few things I need from you, so if you can shoot me an email w/ the following, that would be great!

  1. Item to Sell – I’ll need a description of the item for Etsy as well as a proposed price, with the understanding that I may name a different price
  2. License – If the design is not your own, you will need to have permission to sell an item based on someone else's design or tutorial.  Sometimes these need to be purchased from the designer; other times you can simply ask for permission.  Be sure to include the designer’s info in your item description.
Also, in order to offer customers the option of combining shipping, I require all donated items to be shipped to me at the donor’s cost.  I will then handle all shipping to buyers.  I would love for donors to be able to ship on their own directly to the buyers, but I really want to be able to offer customers the option to purchase items made from several people in one transaction for one shipping price.

{Please understand that I may have to refuse to sell an item after I receive it if the quality doesn't live up to the standards of the shop. I definitely don't anticipate this being the case, but want to ensure that every product for sale in the shop is of excellent quality.}

Finally, in return for your time, effort and expense, I will promote all donors with their own post on the Radical Crafts blog.  This post will include info about you as well as a link to your blog and/or your shop.  In addition, your name and info will appear in the description for each item you made that is listed in the Etsy shop.

If you have things to donate, but don’t have a blog or shop, I would still LOVE to have your stuff in the shop.  Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Again, thank you so much for your desire to serve others in this way.  I’m so excited to see how God uses your talents for His glory!

Okay, so it's fitting that this post is announcing the winner of the giveaway, since the winner is our first shop donor, Anna! Anna is one of my best friends from college and she sent some great stuff for the shop in support of Aaron and Laura's adoption.  

Below are a couple of the things she made that are still in the shop. I'll be honest, that elephant card holder is a huge temptation for me right now. It is seriously so cute.

Anna, thanks so much for the great things you made! You'll be getting those note cards (and your baby present!) this week!

P.S. Don't forget that TODAY (Monday) is the LAST DAY to buy from the shop in support of Aaron & Laura's adoption! Starting tomorrow all profits go to E3 Kids.

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