Saturday, April 23, 2011


 I was just in the kitchen glazing my ham for tomorrow (my first time making ham...seems pretty simple, but it wouldn't be the first "simple" thing I've managed to ruin. And there's no seam ripper for ham) and I was thinking about the disciples and friends and family members who were so crushed the day after Jesus died. I cannot imagine the anguish. To think that this Man you've spent 3 years of your life following had just died - and none of His promises had come to fruition (at least not the ones they cared about).

And here I am. Baking a ham and getting my home ready to welcome several friends for a lunch in celebration of the Resurrection. 
I know what the disciples didn't know. 
That the next day would change EVERYTHING
A few years ago my pastor preached a sermon in which he asked this question:

Is the only explanation for your life the Resurrection?

He went on to say, "We shouldn't be straining to explain and defend the resurrection; the world should be trying to explain us without the resurrection. Our lives shouldn't make sense without it."

Just something to think about as I glaze my ham, so blessed to know what came on the third day. And striving to live life in light of it.

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