Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Egg Onesies

So a while back I bought a few pastel-colored onesies at Target and they have just been sitting in my craft stash while I waited for inspiration. So this week I thought I'd make something Easter-themed and try to sell them in the shop.

Hence, the "Good Egg Onesie" was born.

Unfortunately after I'd made them I asked my husband if he knew what a "good egg" was and I got a cute, sarcastic response, cluing me in that, indeed, he did not know. Apparently this term dates to the 1920's, so it would seem I'm 27 going on 90. But, just in case others are younger than my aged self, here's the definition: 

good egg - a person who is pleasant, agreeable, or trustworthy.

So there you have it. And what baby doesn't fit this description (at least some of the time)?

I don't exactly have a tutorial for this, because it's not really a hard one to figure out.

But here's what I did:

Trace words (in reverse) and egg shape onto Wonder Under or Heat & Bond.

Iron said bonding material to felt.

Cut out letters (pain - unless you have one of those fancy cutters...I'm assuming they would make this much easier) and egg.

Iron to onesie (follow directions on bonding material).

If you so desire, you can now hand-stitch (or machine-stitch...if you're crazy good with top-stitching tiny letters, which I am not) around your egg & letters.

And you're done!

I had originally planned to add some decorations to the eggs to make them more Easter-themed, but in the end I didn't because I think they could probably work even after Easter. But if you wanted to make them "Eastery," it would be super easy to add decorations using more felt or embroidery floss.

If you don't want to make your own, I'll be listing a few in the shop over the weekend.
(Remember - all profits go to e3kids as they help educate orphans in Kenya)

AND, be sure to come back Monday for a chance to WIN one in a little baby gift set I'm putting together!

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  1. How cute is that? And yes, with no decorations you canuse it even after Easter! Love it! Thanks for sharing, visiting from Amanda's party.

  2. I got it. But my brain is also much older than I am. ;) I love the stitching around the letters!

  3. Oh how fun!!!! I love onesies!!! Makes me miss my baby!!! Too cute!!!

  4. adorable! how could you not know what a good egg is? :) great job on the cute onesie. :)

  5. you my friend are super creative! if I had a little one I'd be all over this idea! thinking maybe I'll still try it with a shirt for my daughter. I'm now following and can't wait to start trying your ideas. come by and say hello :)
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace