Monday, March 21, 2011

A Sweet Discount Offer

Well we have survived whatever stomach bug is sweeping the nation - all four of us got it, but Erik definitely had it the worst. And, being the generous people we are, we decided to share it with my brother and sis-in-law last week when they were visiting from Oklahoma. 

Now that things have returned to normal, I'm hoping to do a much better job of  updating the blog.

And the first thing I need to post about is an amazing deal being offered by Rebecca at Better Life Bags! If you've followed the blog for even a short amount of time, you know who Rebecca is. She makes beautiful bags, has donated some to my shop (they're there now - check them out!) and is a huge cheerleader for Radical Crafts. 

So when she emailed me a couple of weeks ago and said she wanted to offer her customers a discount for supporting Radical Crafts, I was so humbled and encouraged. The truth is that I've been a little discouraged about things with the shop - I had contacted some people about donating things and not heard back and just felt like I was on my own. Which is ridiculous and just reveals (once again) how horribly prideful I am. 

Because it's not my shop. It's not for me to be proud. 
It's God's.

So He can do whatever He wants with it, and I'm learning that if I would just pray and give it up to Him, that I will experience the freedom of knowing that it's not about me and will just be used for His glory.

So the deal is: 
Rebecca will offer a 10% discount on one of her bags for each item donated to or purchased from the Radical Crafts shop (up to 5 items for a 50% discount!).

People, this is really amazing. She is totally sacrificing for this, and I'm just floored that she wants to do it. 

So please - check out her Etsy shop. She just got some gorgeous new fabrics in, and all her bags are fully customizable

And if you do want to donate anything to the Radical Crafts shop, click here for the donor guidelines.

Click here for details on the discount.


  1. I started reading your blog a couple weeks ago after you were mentioned on Better Life Bags. I just totally love and appreciate both of you and your desire to serve the Lord in any way you can. I wish I had the craftiness to donate, but I have been perusing your shop and thinking of things to buy in support. I know that your heart just pleases our Heavenly Father!

  2. Kristen, thanks for your sweet comment & encouragement :)