Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Education in Kenya

Until I started researching e3kids (the ministry Radical Crafts is currently supporting) I was unaware of the way the education system works in much of the developing world. In Kenya, education for the first 8 years (primary school) is all that students are guaranteed, and in many situations it's a very poor one. 

In order to attend 4 years of secondary school, students must achieve a high enough score on the national exam at the end of primary school. Those who do pass go to either a private or a government-funded boarding school. In the case of e3kids students, secondary education must be paid for, and many of these students are unable to pay.

Those students who don't pass the national exam must end their formal education and will hopefully learn a trade. Right now there are some wooden bowls and paper bead necklaces in the Radical Crafts shop made by Kenyan youth who are learning these trades in order to provide for their families. 

This is where e3kids comes in - they support Royal Kids School in Mombasa as they seek to provide a quality, Christian-based education for both those who can pay and those who cannot. These efforts extend beyond their own preschool & 8-year primary school program to finding schools and sponsors for those who go on to secondary school. 

Remember, each purchase you make in the Radical Crafts shop goes directly to e3kids in their efforts to extend a quality education to these Kenyan children. 
Thank you so much for your support!

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