Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sewing with Mom

Another benefit of having my mom here (aside from the wonderful fellowship and encouragement) is being able to use her sewing expertise on some crafting.

 Mom tried to get me interested in sewing back when I was in school, but I just wasn't having it. But after I had my daughter I was anxious to make her some cute stuff, so Mom taught me to sew a pillow-case dress:

(Not sure why it looks like I'm modeling this...clearly not going to happen)
 And after that I was hooked. I have never really sewn from a pattern, but have learned a lot from tutorials and books. BUT, having my mom around to help is awesome. So, w/ her help, I was able to put a few new things up in the shop:

Onesie/bib set

 Mom made these great half aprons...I LOVE them

  Boy flannel bib set

Girl flannel bib set

 Set of 6 quilted cards

 Radical Crafting together.

Thanks Mom!

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  1. Love it! You and your Mom are the cutest! :)
    Suzie "Taylor" :)