Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Dorm

So in case you're wondering how your purchases will benefit these kids in Kenya, I thought I'd give a little glimpse into what we're raising funds for. I talked to Carol, the founder of E3 Kids and she said the greatest need at Royal Kids School is a new dormitory.

Currently the boarding students have to share mattresses in tight quarters. The dorms are former classrooms and lack adequate bathrooms.

However, the school has completed the structure for the new dormitory, which will have two spacious rooms to serve as the boys and girls dorms as well as toilets. But, the walls still need to be plastered, toilets added, and new bed frames and mattresses are needed.

The total needed for the dorms to be completed is $5000

I'm praying that God will use us to help provide part of that money so these kids can have their own beds to sleep in. Education is so important for improving their lives and we all know how hard it is to focus on little sleep. I can't imagine sharing a tiny mattress with someone else. These kids are daily learning Scripture and being taught of God's love - here is our chance to show His love in a tangible way.

Thanks for the role you're playing in this process - by praying, buying, donating crafts, or spreading the word. I appreciate each of you and thank God for you!

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