Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Party

My husband is a self-proclaimed movie nerd so Oscar season is kind of his "March Madness" (except it's in February...and is not anywhere near as fun as college basketball - but that's a subject for another post).

Anyway, so Erik loves old films, foreign films, and critically-acclaimed dramas (with the occasional "Nacho Libre" thrown in). Any time I happen to be out in the evening, I can almost always guarantee that I'll come home and get to hear about the latest foreign "masterpiece" he's just viewed. I love watching most of these with him, but there are a few where I just have to draw the line of boredom. Plus I'm one of those multi-tasking movie-watchers...I can't just sit and watch. And it's very hard to craft and read subtitles at the same time.

So this year we decided to have an Oscar party with some of our college/work friends. And to make it a bit more fun, we asked people to dress up like characters from any of the nominated films. We kind of thought we'd get a lot of Mark Zuckerbergs in jeans and a hoodie, but were pleasantly surprised at the awesome costumes people showed up in:

Adam & Tara as "Ken" & "Barbie" from TS3

 Greta & Michael from "127 Hours" - Michael (as "Aron Ralston") sucked on some Mello Yello in his Camelback...just to keep it (almost) real

 Amanda & Tim as "Queen Elizabeth" and "King George VI"

Our costume winners: Debbie as "Alice in Wonderland" (in a dress she made!) and Jake as "Rooster Cogburn"

 Erik came as "Dicky Eklund" from The Fighter (which we haven't seen, but E thought he could pull off the emaciated Christian Bale character) and I was "Mol" from Inception

 The kids (who were up just long enough for Hootie to be scared of Rooster Cogburn) were supposed to be dressed as "Big Baby" and "Bonnie" from TS3, but we had some tears over having to wear a tutu, so neither dressed up and both looked shocked and confused about all these weird-looking people in our home.

We actually did see several of the movies nominated this year, and were so pleased that "The King's Speech" won Best Picture. It's a fantastic movie & Colin Firth (a.k.a. the TRUE "Mr. Darcy") was amazing in it.

And just a little plug here, although he hasn't done a lot of recent reviews, my husband has a fantastic movie blog where he reviews films from a Christian perspective here. Check it out!


  1. whoa... what is up with my face!? I'm thinking I was a little off on when I thought the pic was being taken! yikes! :) Thanks for a fun night and all you did to get everything ready!